I’m 34, a student of biology and environmental science (having previously earned a bachelor’s in film and English), a lesbian, a gender-critiquer, a semi-reliable math tutor, an intermediately-good speaker of German and Spanish, a fungi photographer, and an amateur violinist.

I also like hyenas. Their societies are matriarchal.

This isn’t my first attempt at blogging but I intend it to be my most grounded attempt at same. The paragraph above the above paragraph (?) kind of hints at topics I’m interested in writing about: gender. lesbianism. loneliness. lots and lots of loneliness. restoration and reconciliation ecology. and so on. I’ve journalled much about and around these subjects, but at this point in my life I’d like to hone in, narrow my focus whilst at the same time widening the circle of people privy to the conversations that go on in my mind. Coax it all outwards and see what happens.

My blog name is some kind of attempt at creating a word that reflects the dynamism of disparate histories. History in motion.